Dustin's boots

We run for the cause

Run in remembrance of Dustin Doyon. As long as this race is running, his legacy will continue to live on. Come be a part of this special day.

Navy photograph of Dustin Doyon

About Dustin

“Don't Stop. Keep Pedaling.”

An adventurous quote from one of the most adventurous people I have ever met. Whether it was competing in a road race, joining the Navy, or a simple trip to the gas station back in Suffield, CT there wasn't one moment that Dustin didn't turn it into a crazy memorable experience. That mindset made him so unique and loved by every person that crossed his path.

Dustin's story cannot be told in just one small paragraph, and most importantly, his story will NEVER be finished. That small grin he always carried, his contagious laugh, the strength in his beliefs, and even his inspirational quotes and sayings he had will forever be an inspiration to us all. The town of Suffield, CT has shown just how much of a hero he was to us all.

The support that we have as a community should continue to grow and hopefully inspire others of all ages to set goals, whether they are big or small… and to never give up, to never stop, and to keep pedaling in this race of life.

— Annette Doyon

The USS John S. McCain
USS John S. McCain (DDG-56)