The Dustin Doyon Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ascending or descending the climb is possible with the lifeline of donors.

The Dustin Doyon Memorial Scholarship Fund recognizes high school students who plan to advance their future with a passion for running. Please consider donating directly to the fund by visiting the link below. 100% of your donation will go directly to the scholarship fund.

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The Dustin Doyon Memorial Road Race would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our donors for their generosity.

  • Dedrick Walker
  • Gianni Coraci
  • Elle Banks
  • Jennifer Cimilluca
  • Jessica Madore
  • Patrick Robinson
  • Ashley Kudla
  • Priscilla Sutula
  • Hanah Cohen
  • Annmarie Wilson
  • Eric Watters
  • Kathy Carney
  • Rick Buettner
  • Vincent Braica
  • MacNeely Family
  • Douglas Larson
  • Danna Gauntner
  • Dave Shute
  • Lisa Honeck
  • Frank and Linda DiGennaro
  • John and Maryann Muska
  • Dennis & Betsy Doyon
  • Richard and Rita Carney
  • Gary and Grace Doyon
  • James, Norann, & Michael Coggins
  • Anthony Braglia
  • Scott Bailey
  • Anthony Riello
  • Rob Colson
  • Colin Moll
  • Kevin Becker
  • Agnes Gonet
  • William Moryto